Norbes: Lux I’m Calling You Out, You Can’t Beat Charlie Clips!

Interviews – Norbes addressed a variety of topics in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes.
Norbes began by speaking on Lux’s pending return to the Smack/URL stage. Norbes believes that Lux’s most monumental moment in his career occurred on Summer Madness 2, when he made his epic return vs. Calicoe, and in order to regain that momentum, Lux has to battle a Top Tier opponent on their stage. However, as skilled as Lux is, Norbes does not think that he will be able to beat Charlie Clips, and directly challenged him to take the bait and battle him potentially on Summer Madness 5.
Norbes went on to discuss which celebrities he believes can make the transition to contend as Battle Rappers. According to Norbes, his top three picks are Drake, King Los, and Gillie Da Kid.
Check out the full interview above. Do you think that Lux can beat Clips?


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