Pinky: I’m Down to Do a Scene With Teyana Taylor

Interviews – Porn star Pinky sat down with VladTV and gave her thought on which industry names she’d like to see make an adult movie, including who she’d shoot a scene with herself.
When Teyana Taylor is brought up, Pinky says she’s been following her career for a while, but had no idea just how sexy she was until she saw recent Instagram photos of the “Maybe” singer. Pinky reveals that she’d be down to shoot a sex scene with the Harlem songbird, but that there are some scenes she’d like to shoot for her personal enjoyment and not for the world to see, implying that Taylor falls into this category.
Pinky also matches up artists she’d like to see make adult flicks with her fellow porn stars, saying she’d like to see Jamie Foxx with a “cougar” star, Lil Boosie with a petite, Asian co-star, and Colin Kaepernick with Beauty Dior.
Check out the clip and pics of Pinky & Teyana above.


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