✅Easy Lexus OEM Replacement Grill Custom Upgrade DYI on a 2011 IS350 IS250 ISF Sedan | HD Review

✅➜ or ➜ Best Lexus OEM Grill Replacement Parts can be found online. This grill originally was damaged and had to be replaced so we chose to buy it out of pocket but at a really great deal. Our insurance is with USAA and the deductible was $500 so it made more sense just paying out of pocket. Lexus dealerships were quoting me at $250 to $350 but I found this online for under $135. I provide the link above so you can find the best deal on Lexus grills.

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My install video was very brief and didn’t show every single step detail buy detail but should be a nice overview. I highly recommend googling Lexus forum information online and there should be really detailed pics of everything you need if my video wasn’t enough.

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22 thoughts on “✅Easy Lexus OEM Replacement Grill Custom Upgrade DYI on a 2011 IS350 IS250 ISF Sedan | HD Review

  1. Not much of a "how to" remove/replace…more…this is what it sorta looks like. Those plastic things you refer to are called "push fasteners" and there is a really cheap tool that makes removing easier than a flat screwdriver….and your music…really? 👅

    link for 2010-11 ES-350 front grill remove/replace; and yes…your video is for an IS-350…I like confusion, it makes folks think! 😛

  2. Hey did you have to remove the front bumper to install the grill or was it just a quick pop off of the oem grill and pop in the isf one? Also the chrome trim can still be used from the oem grill right? Thanks!

  3. I had one like the one you just took off and I just bought one exactly like the one you're putting on but it did not come with that little Chrome piece that goes around it did yours come with that

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