03 Greedo Believes His Legacy Will Be ‘Bigger Than’ MJ

03 Greedo has remained optimistic despite his current legal situation.

About one month after he was sentenced to 20 years in prison on drugs- and weapons-related charges, the Watts-bred rapper spoke to Billboard about his place in hip-hop and how his incarceration might be beneficial to his career. In fact, Greedo insists his legacy will one day be greater than those of some music legends.

“Bigger than Michael Jackson. Up there with Bob Marley and shit,” he told Billboard. “Melodically, lyrically and creatively, the way I move, the way I change things for my community, is what’s going to make people love me as a revolutionary. I ain’t sitting here trying to be a Black Panther, I ain’t sitting here trying to be nothing that was already out.”

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32 thoughts on “03 Greedo Believes His Legacy Will Be ‘Bigger Than’ MJ

  1. MJ already was a legend at the age of 11 when he started breaking world records, putting 4 singles in the top of the charts and having more talent than 98% of today's artists. Now who is this dude that I discovered only now with this video? 😂

  2. Why the fuck do you guys keep covering this fool? The only reason i know who the fuck he is is because you guys keep covering non-stories involving him. No one gives a fuck.

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