03 Greedo Explains Why J. Cole’s Music Makes Him Mad

During a recent Vlad TV interview, 03 Greedo kept it real about his feelings regarding J. Cole.

Watch Open Late here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN_sqFdhQx0&list=PLNE967m3_UeTvZgxvxj7a2gMA_i4iVYUP

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43 thoughts on “03 Greedo Explains Why J. Cole’s Music Makes Him Mad

  1. So cole don’t make music for people going through shit? Or ppl “lost to the system” . He never listened to his shit cuz that’s what 4 your eyes only is all about . N cole hair…. it’s not too bad. He can cut it off. What about all those fuckin face tattoos. That shit ain’t impressive

  2. He doesn't like him cause of the way he dresses, the whole reason why he dresses like that is to show a sign of humbleness regardless if he has millions in the bank, instead of wasting money on chains and bitches

  3. So Cole got niggas walking around looking crazy, and niggas getting they face tatted all up ain't doing that at all? well I'll tell you this at least niggas looking crazy about the head can always get a hair cut but them face tats good luck with your future endeavors with them joints plastered on ya mug xD This dude is a troll supreme says anything for attention. and just like normal Complex takes the bait…

  4. Ima big ass j Cole fan but y’all can’t dislike the video cus you don’t agree with what 03 bumo said. They channel is bringing information and probably doesn’t agree with him either…

  5. Nigga wat?! "Dress to impress" …..nigga really ?….. lmfao this fool retarded af. He talking bout Cole dressing strange and shit while he looking stupid and shit with tattoos on his face looking like a clown lmfao GTFO.

  6. Why is he talking about how his hair is scruffy and how he should be “dressing to impress” when the nigga got face tattoos and basically a similar hairstyle? Also. Migos and Lil Yachty only ever rap about dealing, making money and excessive sexual relations. In what world is that a sign of a good role model? And lastly…

    What the fuck is an ‘03 Greedo’ ?

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