10 Things D’Angelo Russell Can’t Live Without | GQ Sports

Brooklyn Nets star D’Angelo Russell’s breaks down the 10 essential things that go with him everywhere, including his hoodie, sunglasses and playing cards. Plus he shows us a magic trick.

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10 Things D’Angelo Russell Can’t Live Without | GQ Sports


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48 thoughts on “10 Things D’Angelo Russell Can’t Live Without | GQ Sports

  1. – Food

    – Water

    – Re-chargable Batteries

    – Charger for the Re-chargable batteries

    – No technology ( he has it built in )

    – His Personality ( Fun Guy )

    – His Laugh ( uhhh HUH hah HAH haa HUH ha )

    – His Hands

    – Shelter

    – Oxygen ( to breathe )

  2. I noticed that the shoes he brought are stuffed on the front midsole showing that he has actually wore them for a while and is not some random "essential" he brought just because.

  3. Ok I love D'Angelo Russell now he's such a chill dude and I love his personality also that he acts like he's non a nba superstar he don't care about flexing expensive sunglasses he don't even know the brand of that bag he has I love that he a great dude

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