10 Things Sebastian Maniscalco Can’t Live Without | GQ

When standup comedian Sebastian Maniscalco hits the road, there are a few things he can’t live without. From his Louis Vuitton backpack and his running shoes to Yerba Mate shots and CBD cream, Sebastian shows us all his travel essentials.

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10 Things Sebastian Maniscalco Can’t Live Without | GQ


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49 thoughts on “10 Things Sebastian Maniscalco Can’t Live Without | GQ

  1. These are the very items that he probably detests, the sort of things that he would make fun of during his routine. Now he is stuck not making fun of them! He was not in his element promoting these items.

  2. I know you're a grown man and you can get you and your family through the airport just fine, but holy cow, if I had your $$ I'd be paying someone to take care of seeing me, my family and carry on luggage on the plane. I don't want to mess with any of that.

  3. Sebastian Maniscalco just radiates intriguing. He needs his own show! How do we make this happen??

    8:21 A lot have to do with soreness and, and . . . Body . . . Stuff.

    “Pain Management.”

    I thought he was gonna say, “Like I said! Soreness & Body Stuff!”

    He needs to do a comedy set with his Theragun! 😹😹 And I thought the #1, he would have fun with it and say “Ok, you ready for this? This is truly the #1 essential . . . It’s Me.” 😹😹 Then talk about the real #1.

  4. My wife says it loio vaton bag. Not sure what that means. Hefty pocket change for a backpack that's for sure.
    Your a great comedian. We saw you in downtown Cleveland playhouse square. That was a great show.

  5. "My wife is into fashion and brands". 🙄. Essentials? Essentials for you would be to GTFO of cities, live in the country and have a manhood makeover. I like you, dude, it's all meant to be constructive.(Please lose the tight pants) 🙄

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