132104 / 2010 Dodge Challenger Furious Fuchsia

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When the Challenger made its triumphant return to the automotive world, hot on the heels of the retro-themed Mustang and Camaro, you knew it would only be a matter of time before Chrysler started getting all nostalgic on us. With a rich history and so many famous colors, options, and models to draw from, the folks at Mopar were probably overwhelmed with choices and decisions to make. The Challenger itself is a brilliant combination of yesterday and today, with cool twists such as carbon-fiber look stripes and options like the Track Pak.

For 2010, one of the first things Chrysler designers did was reach into the vintage paint palette and pull out one of the most vivid (and vividly polarizing) colors from the great years of Mopar muscle: Panther Pink. Well, OK, they’re calling it Furious Fuchsia because their licensing agreement with Owens Corning (owner of the Pink Panther logo and color) has expired. And to my eye, it looks more like Moulin Rouge, but I don’t think it matters. This 2010 Challenger SRT8 is a fire-breathing tribute to the biggest, nastiest, and arguably manliest cars to ever wear the Pentastar logo. Yeah, it takes one hell of a man to drive a pink car, and that pink car had better be packing an awful lot of firepower.

Only 400 Furious Fuchsia SRT8 Challengers were built in 2010, and there will be no more. They feature not only the incredible Furious Fuchsia paint, but also custom 20-inch forged aluminum wheels with blacked-out openings and an absolutely awesome black and white interior. Performance is identical to other SRT8s, which is to say that it’s incredibly potent on the street, and no, you won’t be sneaking around in this car with the rumbling quad-tipped exhaust system that looks like someone stole it off one of the Hemis in our showroom.

Best of all, SRT8 number 179 has 1 mile on it (yes, ONE mile). It’s brand new in every possible sense of the word, and is, as of this writing, the ONLY one I can find for sale on the Internet. If you want the rarest of the new Challengers, this is the one to own.


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