2 Georgia Cops Suspended for Determining an Arrest with a Coin Flip

Two Roswell, Georgia police officers have been placed on administrative leave after an investigation by news station 11Alive found that they left the decision to jail a woman or not up to a coin flip.

Back in April, Sarah Webb was stopped by two officers—Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson—for speeding on a rainy day. The two officers wanted to decide whether to give her a ticket and let her go or arrest her, and they flipped a coin in order to do so: heads, Webb was arrested, and tails, she was released. The 11Alive investigation obtained bodycam footage that shows the two officers using a coin flip app on one of their phones.

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43 thoughts on “2 Georgia Cops Suspended for Determining an Arrest with a Coin Flip

  1. My question is why are they in the wrong… They based it on a coin flip.. The flip landed tails.. Which she would of got let go.. She still got arrested… So what relevance was the flip… Honestly they had no radar and she had no tickets.. So if they got suspended its more likely for the reckless driving they had no proof of.. But it makes a great news story… Dumb as fuck lol.. Side note I'm taking bids on the great wall… Best offer will receive the deed… Just need to provide tax information such as a drivers license and a social security number… Discounts for valid credit card… Cash also accepted..10% off with copy of birth certificate…

  2. Fucking cops, I warned by my pops that all they'd do is harass you once you stopped. We pay they salary yet they got the nerve to pull a Cali B. when they pull us over actin like it's all over. Beating the shit outta us all over a speeding a ticket. Fuck it though, my wounds, I just lick it.

  3. What did the officers actually do wrong? They played with a phone app while on duty and made the woman cry. If playing with a phone app while on duty is against the rules, I guess I could understand a reprimand. They didn’t torment the woman by doing it in front of her. She didn’t even know about it until a news media brought it out. What effect did playing with the app, in the privacy of the car, have on anything?
    They made her cry. I’ll bet cops see a lot of women cry (men too for that matter) in an attempt to get out of a ticket or arrest.
    Ultimately they arrested the driver. All I can find on the internet is a less than 2 minute video clip of the incident. (If someone has seen more please share its location) Is that enough to crucify two officers? Let’s say, for the sake of argument, the woman was doing 80MPH, on a rural road with a speed limit at most 55MPH (maybe less). That means she was doing at least 25 MPH over the limit, on wet roads. I would call that reckless. Since there is only 2 minutes of video we don’t know what else the woman might have done. How many times have you seen someone driving this way and thought “where’s a cop when you need one”. Had the officers let this woman go with a warning there would be some on here saying they were lenient on her because she was white. So no matter what an officer does someone is going to armchair quarterback them.

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