2006-2013 Lexus IS250 IS350 2IS to 3IS F-Sport eBay Conversion Bumper Review

Detailed review of the eBay 2014-2016 3IS conversion bumper for my Lexus IS250.
OIC Racing (no Lip):
OIC RACING (with lip):
I got my bumper conversion from Ikon (same company as Advance Tuning on eBay, out of stock March-’21).

My preliminary impressions are good as far as polypropylene plastic quality. The mold is real nice and has alot of premolded screws for everything on the back. It uses OEM style fog lights found in most all Lexus and Toyota since 2009. The ones that came with this are OEM Lexus Style LED fogs. The grill was disappointing because it had four useless holes in the middle!!! Not sure if in China or other markets they have a difference front license plate holder. The OEM dimples and backside screw molds are there for the US license plate for you to drill.

If you wanted added protection for freshly painted number, use a ceramic coating like Armorshield IX from AvalonKing.
Use my discount code (tunerwk25) for $25 off your order

Fog Light Trim Add-on from Toyota C-HR $8:
I replaced the grill with US spec aftermarket CAPA replacement.
Here are the OE style and color grill I changed to and emblems.
Lower $60:
Upper $62:
Hybrid Style Emblem $32:
Chrome Trim $47:
Fog H11 to 9006 Harness $6:
Grill Right Plug:
Grill Left Plug:

For headlights, I used the 2011+ LED DRL Aftermarket version for $450 (New Depo V2 Headlights (100%/50% updated DRL, no need to disable OEM with Techstream):

Better options today: VLAND: Amazon ( and (
VLAND Combo:

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0:00 Introduction
1:35 Required Fitment Modifications
4:30 Fog Lights and Trim Adder
5:20 OEM Grey Style Grill Replacement
6:30 Emblem Options
6:50 Optional Lip
8:25 Fog Lights and Wire Adapter
9:15 Grill and Fog Light OEM Screws
11:10 Trimming Top Grill to Fit Engine Cover
11:50 Mounting Hole Modifications
13:00 Drilled Holes for Lip
14:50 Installing Lip
17:35 Bumper Installed

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46 thoughts on “2006-2013 Lexus IS250 IS350 2IS to 3IS F-Sport eBay Conversion Bumper Review

  1. Hey Binh, I wanted to thank you for your time and dedication on doing this conversion and doing a write up on it. I was reading through the thread and looking at your comments but I couldn't find where you purchased the aftermarket grill. Do you still have the link to it? Please anything helps 🙁

  2. Hey not sure if you still follow this thread. I've been trying for the life of me to figure out what rims you have on this car. If you see this would you mind sharing. Thanks…Great content

  3. Hello I just bought this front bumper and it does not fit my car I brought it to the shop and they said that it does not fit around the headlamp it is elongated

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