21 thoughts on “2010 Audi A5 2.0T APR KO4

  1. Nice sound! I have a question about the turbo blow off sound: what parts did you install? I have installed turbo muffler delete, and a diverter valve spacer. I got the blow off valve sounds but not as loud as you do. What else do I have to change?

  2. I know this video is old but are those the Rieger side skirts? I got a set but there is no moutning kit or nothing. Also, where did you get the rear upper window spoiler and trunk spoiler?

  3. Hello! Came across this video while doing research for my 2010 A5. I was first planning on doing the stage 2, until I read a few forums about the stage 3. How expensive it it to upgrade?

  4. I'm looking at a new exhaust for mine, and was pretty stoked on the Armytrix system until I learned the price. How are you liking your AWE exhaust, overall? Anything you would change about it?

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