2010 Audi A5 2.0T Review, Walkaround, Start Up, Test Drive

Help us grow so we can bring you more videos! Like us on Facebook @ A gorgeous, classy coupe that still turns heads today. In its class, we think its the best looking, not necessarily the most fun to drive but a good balance. If you thought the G37 was too harsh, you are going to love this car.

“The 2010 Audi A5 luxury sport coupe and convertible look great outside and in, and they’re a pleasure to drive as long as you don’t require class-leading power.”


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33 thoughts on “2010 Audi A5 2.0T Review, Walkaround, Start Up, Test Drive

  1. Just as a matter of Trivia on this car, the A5 was designed by Walter Da'Silva, an ex-Alfa Romeo designer who also penned the gorgeous AUDI R8. He has been quoted as saying the A5 is one of his favorite designs ever 🙂

  2. I've been seeing a lot of reviewers complaining about the scroll wheel direction for these cars. Every potentiometer ever made, turning clockwise means up, and counterclockwise means down. Volume and radio frequency/amplitude controls are the most notable. In my head, when I think of up, I think of clockwise. How this confuses people is itself confusing.

  3. bought mine new, drives great. wonderful ergonomics for a 6' 2" guy. 22 mpg around town. 50k miles after 10 years (i commute by train and vacation by plane). HOWEVER, major reliability issues: timing chain tensioner, PCV, turbo wastegate——all fixed at the cost of $4k, but reimbursed $2k from audi because of a class action suite. the current pending issue is weak piston rings, mine are fine and i change the oil yearly. when my rings go and the engine starts to crap out, i will buy a lexus.

  4. Got one of these 2011 A5 coupe 2.0t premium plus for $8k at 98k miles after switching from a 2009 BMW 335i M Sport package. I still LOVE how the bmw drove more only because of the heavy steering. The steering is still a bit heavy on this vehicle but not as much. Only downside besides that is the audio is a little bit dated it requires the really old iPhone charger to play your music. I didn’t look into any adapter I just bought a radio frequency Bluetooth player for $20 and it’s good just some static which could be avoided if you bought the actual adapter. Gas is good I only get premium and there’s no issues for this car as long as you keep up with oil changes and stuff. Insurance for me is $210 in the USA not bad since I have a boatload of tickets 😂 just giving anybody who is interested some advice and thinks this is helpful. There is road noise as well because there’s no frame on the windows I presume but if you got a good one of these you shouldn’t have to worry as it’s normal you feel more comfortable than in an E90 bmw 2006-2011 that’s a fact it’s really comfortable just less practical because of 2 doors. Overall I love this car!

  5. Is this a good car for a teen? I’m kinda scared to drive, cause I’m scared of power and the gas. So, I most definitely to don’t want a sports car, but you know a smooth riding manual car. Would this be a good choice? I’m open to any cars that would be for a good price & looks nice, and good for me

  6. should be more honest instead of overly glorifying – this car seems to have a rattle which is clearly audible in the video, not sore if its the camera or what?- also no mention of transmission? what kind is it, is it CVT? Audi have discontinued the problematic CVT transmission due to multiple problems and their losing a legal class suit and have gone to the dual clutch transmission which I believe they are now also going to phase out as well in preference for the standard torque converter auto transmission – v6 timing chain is on the rear of the engine – stupid place as the whole engine or transmission or both need to be removed to replace the timing chain as well the typical 4 cylinder has history of timing chain issues – CVT are very costly to maintain something that most reviewers either don't know or don't want you to know especially if they have an interest in selling these cars – CVT oil is expensive and needs to be changed every 50,000 miles – used Audis are expensive to fix – I don't believe this reviewer is very honest

  7. Several Audi models have a timing chain tensioner problem that can cause the timing chain to slip and cause catastrophic engine failure leading to engine replacement. My 2010 Audi A5 2.0 TFSI engine failed due to this problem and I had to have a new engine put in. Audi is currently going through a Class Action Lawsuit for this Timing Chain Tensioner problem that they should recall. Go to http://www.timingchainlitigation.com for more information and models that are affected.

  8. I'm getting one of these next week, I just test drove it today and it was a very nice ride. Its black on black with the 2.0t 6speed manual with the prestige and s-line packages. I'm very excited.

  9. why does he put it in slapstick just not shift? holding it at high revs just to put the car back into drive isn't good for it. shift it right man come on!!

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