2010 Dodge Challenger Street Machine SEMA 2013

A 2010 Dodge Challenger custom that I shot at SEMA 2013….The paint and stance of this car had a crowd drawn all week…..very cool…Check it out!!….Make sure you follow me so that you don’t miss any of the other awesome cars that I shot at this show!!
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39 thoughts on “2010 Dodge Challenger Street Machine SEMA 2013

  1. The hood is a bit much imo
    The wheel rims are a lot over the top as well as everything really. It's actually a nice mopar that's a bit of an eyesore.
    The racing stripes are certainly played out looking bk on it. Everybody jumped on that.
    I also would've went the NA route to begin.
    To each their own, he loves it and it's his machine, his $, so that's all that matters

  2. I love this old challenger look more than the present except the front with less radius headlights..wish I have the money from which I will get 2006 challenger with 426 hemi underhood and lightened and well handling chasis.

  3. Hey Scotty I really enjoy your videos please keep doing them. I've often wondered since you're a car nut like myself do you have a muscle car or some sort of special ride that you drive? Just wondered what it might be.

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