48 thoughts on “2011 Dodge charger Custom

  1. Love the colour and wheels. The rear spoiler looks so tasteful just as it is, not over the top 👍👍 are the lights street legal? Nothing u can do about the blue colour but that looks cool 😎 as well. I think u have the set up just right. Very classy. I wouldn’t change a thing on this beast n that stainless exhaust will last forever n the sound also is just perfect 👌 when u get it all finished that will sound just like it looks

  2. This faggot aldrin is always hating on everyone's charger vids. Your shitty se is not better than any RT bro get it throught you thick ass head!! Gtfoh with that female shit and quit hating on everyone's RT

  3. I have the SE edition I was thinking about changing the interior lighting like the door handles and flood lights do u know where I can get any?

  4. Those rims are way too retarded and ghetto. That is such a mexican thing to do. 24'" rims do not belong on an American Muscle car. Fuck that 24" rim shit. those cans stay in Mexico

  5. Should have invested into the SRT*8 instead.Looks nice, but not a muscle car like its supposed to be. Dont they make impalas for 24". See you on the streets with my srt8 Im ready etting to buy. I be flying by your 24's with my 20's.

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