2012 Dodge Charger on 26″ Forgiatos Wheels – 1080p HD

Video of the BLACK and RED 2012 Dodge Charger, lifted on some Forgiato Concavo staggered 26’s. Clean!! Black paint, red accents all over.. And sitting right on the 26’s. Apart of the Justice League Car Club in Miami! At Forgiato Fest 2012 in Miami, FL.


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35 thoughts on “2012 Dodge Charger on 26″ Forgiatos Wheels – 1080p HD

  1. i didnt know cars came in Men or Women types….a car is universal, so stop hatin…and i love my 13' Daytona 😉 oh and btw i actually like the old body style better but the tech in the 2011's and up is just awesome!

  2. I still dont like the newer ones. I like My 06' R/T. Has the hips and the buffer body. The newer ones look too slim and make it look like a chick's car(no offense ladies!).

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