2018 Ducati HyperMotard 939 Review

Once again, BIG thank you to Ducati Winchester for loaning me this 2018 Ducati Hypermotard 939 to review. If you’d like to ride this exact bike, please check out Ducati Winchester and tell ’em Mario sent ya!

Ducati Winchester
663 N Loudon St
Winchester, VA 22601

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49 thoughts on “2018 Ducati HyperMotard 939 Review

  1. Good review. These bikes are awesome for a summertime evening blast on the backroads! Great for our English roads.
    I’ve given up with superbikes now as these are just as fun but with much lower speeds. Where are my keys.

  2. Statisicly the time of accidental drive – was very apparent,according to an 11 incremental busy,to bad I can't give back the life of police and they can not shofer my bike niether.Obvious judicial associated drive – Peace Out,please not by my night of social……..

  3. Hey bro, could you also review the new Hypermotard? Your review is one of the best I've ever seen, I can't believe I've not seen this video before. Hope you can make that review happen, it would be great!

  4. Great review man – your style is so to the point and quick, i love it. Having your woman give her thoughts is awesome! This bike popped into my brain for no reason the other day so I thought I’d check some reviews on all the versions of it. I would agree, great second bike…this is the bike I’d rent if i ever visited Italy or something…i seriously would buy the 950 SP right now if i could.

  5. I watch a lot of reviews and particularly like this one. I appreciated hearing the passengers opinion since my girl rides on my bikes. Also, I just bought this bike used and did not have a proper delivery so there were some things that I learned such as how to keep the brights on LOL, and how to use the helmet straps under the seat. Ive had the bike for about 200 miles and I can say that he’s very accurate on the description of the ride style. This is the type a review that I would have liked to seen before buying the bike. However I love my Hypermotard! Got my sub.

  6. Nice Review. I owns the Ducati Hyperstrada 939, the Ducati Hyper Motard sister in Touring Mode, it comes equipped with sides bags, more comfortable seat especially for the passenger, Wind protection in front and it is convertible to Hypermotard, so you can use the bike for touring and as Hypermotard. Same exact engine and mapping. You should try Ducati Hyperstrada and you will note the difference… for sure you will tell that the Hyperstrada is the first bike to take in the garage 😉

  7. So a multistrada has been designed for street and off road and the hypermotard is just for the road. I’ve read the multistrada is a great bike for both short trips and touring. If that’s the case why bother with the hypermotard?

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