2018 Lexus LC 500 Walkaround

Atlanta hosted the 2017 Festival of Speed and while I was there I stopped by to seem my car family from Nalley Lexus Roswell. Let’s check out what customized beast they have this time around!

Ben Wayne: itsmrbenwayne@gmail.com
Instagram: @ben_wayne_
Facebook:Ben Wayne

Equipment used:
Rode Smart Lav+
Canon T5i

( Instrumental produced by Chuki.


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26 thoughts on “2018 Lexus LC 500 Walkaround

  1. Yuck! What did you take a work of art and screw it up? It's not better. It's dumb. Just because something can be changed doesn't mean it should be changed. All kinds of design and engineering went into this machine so that it would perform and be beautiful and you dopes come along and put a "wrap" on it, stick on body parts and some dumb ass wheels and you actually think it looks better? Good grief!

  2. Everything is good and well balanced. Then there's the green Lexus logo in the centre of the rim, which annoyed me fiercely–which is actually a sign that that the setup is close to perfect. The green brake is fine.

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