21 Savage: ‘Miss Me With All That Greatest Rapper Sh*t I Wanna Be the Richest’

The “best rapper alive” discussion will always hold weight in the hip-hop community. At any given time, there are a handful of artists that could claim the title, or might feel they are deserving of it. However, Atlanta’s 21 Savage could care less about being considered the “best rapper alive.”

Savage took to Twitter to let everyone know that it’s money over everything when it comes to his rap career. “I didn’t come here to compete. I came to eat. Miss me with all that greatest rapper shit,” he wrote. “I wanna be the richest. Leave me alone. I’m in my own world.”

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49 thoughts on “21 Savage: ‘Miss Me With All That Greatest Rapper Sh*t I Wanna Be the Richest’

  1. I respect the hustle but his thinking is bit off to me. I understand now with hip hop lyricism doesnt seem to effect how popular a rapper is(when bars should matter most) but how is he supposed to be the richest without staying relevant and making hits.. these new "rappers" dont impress me anyways, I'll stick to battle rap

  2. At leat he knows he's roll get the money and dip when he rich enough some these new artists need to do the same 8 out of 10 new rappers such and have no bars but they making good Money don't stick around taking up valuable rapper space get the money and bounce just my opinion.

  3. I was starting to kinda respect him after all that he was doing recently, a while ago he made a song with meaning, he ain't wasting the money but I think it's not right to be in this for the money. If he really cared about music he would make better songs, & he's really in the game to be "the richest", to me that's wrong but nothing I can do about it

  4. But for real though, these new rappers were brought up in the early 2000's. When bling, money, cars and mansions were the norm so I kind of understand where they're coming from. They've been feeding off that braggadocio lifestyle since day 1. I'm totally not defending these cats only wanting money and having no talent, but this is just peak braggadocio.

  5. I mean I guess it cool that he's honest, but that's unfortunate to hear. Even though he's never gonna be the greatest anyway, it sucks to hear that he isn't even aiming for it.

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