21 Savage’s ICE Arrest: What’s Next?

21 Savage was taken into ICE custody Sunday in Atlanta. He was arrested during a sting targeting an undisclosed person. Fellow Atlanta rapper Young Nudy was also arrested on unrelated charges stemming from a warrant from two years ago, along with Slaughter Gang associate SG Tip. ICE claims that 21 Savage, aka Sha’Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was born in the U.K. and has been living in the U.S. illegally since his visa expired in 2006 when he was just 14 years old. The Daily Mail has also obtained a photo of 21’s 1992 birth certificate, which confirms that both he and his parents were born in London.

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33 thoughts on “21 Savage’s ICE Arrest: What’s Next?

  1. If JB was one of my clients ,he wold’ve been epeorted years ago ? I don’t understand this statement ,would have ? Shouldn’t it state the opposite ?

  2. Three things: I love Complex news. Two, I lived in New York City all my life and don’t remember seeing or hearing of a Mayor named David Patterson and Speedy said Slick Rick was pardoned by a mayor with that name. Could be hearing wrong but just in case. But finally on the 21 Savage situation, it’s racist as hell because , where was all this when Justin Beaver was acting up and in the news braking the law and ICE didn’t come for him or kept him in custody and threatening to deport him!!! Straight bullish-t!!! And we all know it.

  3. "Breakin' down my people, tryna kill our faith and hope, They killed Martin Luther King and all he did was spoke" now they're getting him for speaking about racial discrimination in America.

  4. damn! they goin after these rappers these days. government doesn’t like how much it’s influencing these kids. well, the ones that can’t/don’t to think for themselves.

  5. How they let him pass for so long when they are quick to deport Hispanics for fucking sneezing. Like this makes no sense at all.
    Beside it dosent matter if his from uk or not this young black man is doing alot of good for his “city(s)”. Now his not perfect but if your going to try to deport someone do your job right. Act the same as if it’s any other person that “illegal” just saying.

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