22 People Injured and 1 Dead in Shooting at New Jersey Art Festival

Twenty people were injured during a shooting at a 24-hour art festival in Trenton, New Jersey early Sunday morning, according to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office. One suspect has been killed and another has been taken into custody, reports CNN.

The incident occurred at about 2:45 a.m. at the Art All Night-Trenton festival, in the south side of the city at the Roebling Wire Works building. The suspect who has been killed was a 32-year-old man, identified as Tahaij Wells. Wells had opened fire on 23-year-old Amir Armstrong, who returned fire, according to NBC 10.

Witnesses are being questioned by police to determine if there could be more suspects at large, reports the CNN affiliate WPVI.

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49 thoughts on “22 People Injured and 1 Dead in Shooting at New Jersey Art Festival

  1. niggas die er day out dis way ….. Jersey is small af so you may not hear ab it unless philly or ny are tied in….. butt little do y’all mfs know …. Camden nj is INFACT the most poorest and most violent place in the US….. I know u think it’s Chicago or the Bronx or Compton but those city’s are well established and the surrounding areas ARE MONEY POTS … so it’s a poor community in a rich state/city ….. Jersey really don’t have that so all their is …. is poverty with no higher class within site …. AND TRUST ME ITS NOT WHAT YOU SEE ON JERSEY EITHER…. it’s a war zone ….. and the reason why a lot of our rappers don’t make it out is cuz as soon as they get a lil shine they get killed … mmmmaannn I’m tellin u cuz fetty wap is lucky he made it frfr ….. overall the shit is crazy and Trenton governor not helpin any …. and Newark and Patterson nj ain’t no better.

  2. An Art Gallery in a Ghetto Like Trenton Was a Great Idea !  Keeping it Open All Night With All of those Drunk and High Goblins Running All Over ?  BRILIANT ! Hey Governor Murphy, Glad to See Your Tough Gun Laws are Working Well ! Can't Wait Until "They" Can Smoke Legal Dope All Day. The Cops Will Run Out of Ammo !

  3. Guess New Jersey strong gun control did not work…. Blood on the hands of every anti-gun hater. Governor Murphy said he wants to know how they got there guns. Boy he's a joke… glad I do not live in Jersey. People that self protect never have this problem. Do a fact check… Demirats making New Jersey state as bad as California. I'm sure there are good people in Jersey. You need to get out while u still have a life…. Your State is being flushed down the shit hole.

  4. Lemme holla at cha with yo fine ass.. lol.. you're the art work in this story..🤔 I appreciate a great body of work.. .. Natasha..miss Martinez if you nasty…

  5. What if someone shoots up a school on the first day in a couple months, these school shooters need to get more creative, maybe shoot up prom next or how about graduation🤔 it’s gonna happen regardless why not be entertaining and who knows maybe the crazier these shootings become and more close to home maybe then they will do smth

  6. Its sad that for the most part,everytime the Town makes it on a media outlet outside of the local outlets,Its under the worst circumstances.From the little girl being raped in the 620 building years ago,Police shootouts on Centre,hostage situations,to this smh.WE HAVE TO DO BETTER TRENTON

  7. Just hunt down and kill on site every scumbag low life scumbag gangbanger in America fuck human and civil rights , these killers do not deserve anything but instant death

  8. I have a great idea for a new law anyone who commits such crimes should have a trial and if convicted they will be standing in front of a firering line but of course this idea is only for those who really want to stop this kind of complete stupidity not give people a false sense of security like new laws now

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