5 People From So-Called ‘Sh*thole’ Countries Who Contribute More Than Trump

The Klan’s favorite president let another racist statement fly on Thursday when he referred to immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and the African continent as coming from “shithole” countries. So we decided to look at people from some of the countries our bankrupt-guy-in-chief doesn’t like, and highlight a few folks who have contributed a hell of a lot more to the world than he ever has. Check out the video above.

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29 thoughts on “5 People From So-Called ‘Sh*thole’ Countries Who Contribute More Than Trump

  1. Yes Haiti and Jamaica are shitholes, they are the only two major "Black" nations in the Western Hemisphere, going nowhere. Furthermore, the longer a shithole is colonized, the better off it citizens, remember Rhodesia, it was one of the most productive nations in Africa, util Black liberator, Mugabe took over, its now the poorest nation in Africa. South Africa is next, Black empowerment did not improve black lives, even in Detroit, and D.C this is true. I believe intelligent Blacks should rethink who to put in power, or face the dire consequences.

  2. of course they are shithole.. problem is guys from complex doesn't even know where those country on the map.. let alone see the shithole for themselves

  3. they are shit holes thanks to the racist Dimtards. clinton has raped and pillaged hatia. selling the children to her pedophile henchmen. this is just another one of those bizzaro world propaganda formed by russian bots. these people are sick and they will have to answer for all of their doings. The Great Spirit will let them know. i mean there are countless videos of clinton saying the exact same things that these morons blast trump for. if you live in a glass house you cannot throw rocks at anyone.

  4. The black woman actress Lupita Nyong. she hates to be call mexican. So why you defend this people. Yo soy mexicano. She denies being mexican. She is a shithole woman. I am not saying africa. Only her

  5. Trump is like literally the only person making the country look bad 💯smh they elected a man-child 😂 I mean everything bad about him he calls it "fake news"

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