5 Takeaways From Kanye West’s New Album ‘Ye’

On Thursday, a number of choice individuals were flown out to Wyoming to meet with Kanye West and an assortment of artists and celebrities to listen live to his eighth studio album, simply titled ye. Anyone not in Wyoming could stream it via the WAV app on their phones, and by Friday morning, it hit all major digital retailers.

Hopefully, we’ve all taken some time out to run through the seven-song album. Let’s get into five of the biggest takeaways from ye.

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43 thoughts on “5 Takeaways From Kanye West’s New Album ‘Ye’

  1. i love the level of innovation kanye was able to orchestrate on this album!! well known artists strung together strategically to create a whole new sound!! much respect to the legend

  2. Idk why everyone wanted 🔇🚫 YE out now it's back to oh shit this is 🔥 Wtf ppl all it took was seeing some of your favorite celebrities at that damn bonfire and you're like "oh it's cool to be team YEZZY again" He actually had a point about all of these ppl walking around brainwashed and obviously he has been brainwashed more than once or twice. And this is not me even bashing the music or lyrics or anything like that. I kinda liked all 7 of them 😅 but tbh we all have short attention spans so more than that and we are done anyway
    Oh & Pusha T shit was fire .

  3. you people who diss on kanye really don't understand where this generation of music is going. he's way ahead of the game. he's taking how he is really feeling and putting his genius artistic ability for others to see what he's going through. though his lines maybe short and such the have so much value behind it and it makes it more meaningful. not all music is meant for getting hype and such. music is art and art has so many more different views than what some of the public is demanding

  4. The same fools who voted for Trump are the ones who dismissed K.West rants.The flip floppers ..Either you're real or your just a fairweather friend…They are the same people who claim they never knew Rosanne was racist..Man even Stevie Wonder could see that.

  5. Track listing should’ve been:
    Track 1- Make America great again
    Track 2- Slavery is a Choice

    Album is weak, not good enough to let him get away with the statements he made. He should be held accountable and people should not support him. Unfortunately most of you muthafuckers flip flop.

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