50 Cent Bow Wow Clown Wendy Williams, 50 Cent Clowns Juelz Missing Teeth Again

50 Cent Bow Wow Clown Wendy Williams, 50 Cent Clowns Juelz Missing Teeth Again
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42 thoughts on “50 Cent Bow Wow Clown Wendy Williams, 50 Cent Clowns Juelz Missing Teeth Again

  1. I Disagree with you on Power so,many people are waiting on for the show to come back on.I think you got it confuse with Empire.yes the show is gonna end but their is gonna be a spin off.

  2. I remember when Wayne was coming outta his wooble da woobly stage.. he wanted to be down wit the dips and started dressing like them at the same time Eminem was on fire 🔥 then next thing Ukno he started flowing like em

  3. 50 got fake choppers too.😮💯. And Wendy Williams is jst the WORST.😦. I see wht Lil Kim USED to look like and she was fine AF. I hve NO IDEA wht Wendy Williams used to look like…

  4. 50 Cent said some real s*** just cuz the man's in jail doesn't change the fact that it's real s*** if you are Santana's a g when you come home a little after show up and put his teeth then that's it ain't nothing wrong with what he said

  5. 50 cent go somewhere..A bitter out of style rapper who can't make anything today that motherfuckers will consistently listen too,so he's mad..Fuck whatever else he got going on,all that shit will crumble from all The dirty shit he continues to do,starting with his very own twin…His Son!I used to rock 50 just a lil bit,but can't see myself supporting this dude in anything he does..Anyone that would go at their own blood like that and with no control like he does with his son,Cares nothing about you people who keep cheering this dude on like that shit he does to people is really funny..Its funny to people who are just like him and for that you will have to except what that brings to your life..Will you call 50 to help you when karma comes back around and breathing down your throat ready to deal with your ass??Will you?That motherfucker don't care about and would laugh at your ass and make fun of you at the same time..Have fun!

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