21 thoughts on “50 Cent Cardi B react Tekashi, Tekashi removing Tats, TI vs Pastor ‘Money Grab’ settled

  1. First of all you have second hand news because obviously you don't know what has transpired tekashi six-nine is not going to witness protection he said he would rather have 24/7 security and live his life as a rapper, at least at least get your facts straight before you try to have a fan base

  2. Tip said they had been at the strip club all night , him wifey and step daughter. Maybe if they didnt arrive so late in they could have learned something. Him and Tiny looked hungover . Two chains gave 500 for the collection and no whining. They throw more at the club than that. Killer Mike was funny when he talked bout being there. Tip needs to be truly humble and kick in some support for a church he visiting. Tip just likes to be extra .Tiny always posten pics of herself for going out but couldnt dress for the Lords house , check both their outfits like billboards for Nips Crenshaw store.

  3. Joel Osten is not like them other paster.. I live in Houston and I was in my teens when his family church was in Lakewood.. The urban North East side of Houston.. Every storm, Hoilday, people on the streets, bill assistance and any other things that needed to be done him and his family did before he got Government grants to become a mega church and move downtown Houston… yet to this day.. They still do the same thing…Joel Osten Church Still doing for the people but in a bigger light..But like you say….. you have the right to believe what you want…… get your facts…. Yes.. Joel got smart and invested into things to bring money for his family… what person won't..at the same time.. The church money and the grants.. Joel does help the people.. I have family and friends that was help every time it was an issue in Houston or needed help…. Not all Mega Church Pastors are bad.. People in the church is a different Story…

  4. 90% of churches and religious leaders get presidential treatment. While they molest kids and get switched around to a different church . I wouldn’t piss on a priest/internet pastor if he was on fire . Fucking sickos all religion twist shit ave are evil as fuck! politics and religion go like tekashi and snitching hand in hand!

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