50 Cent Now Claims He Made Absolutely No Money From Bitcoin

In January, a report indicated 50 Cent “accidentally” made millions of dollars by accepting bitcoin payments for his 2014 album, ‘Animal Ambition.’ The report suggested the rapper earned about 700 bitcoins in total, which would be worth around $7 million today. But according to a new report, 50 is now claiming he never owned any bitcoins in bankruptcy court.

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42 thoughts on “50 Cent Now Claims He Made Absolutely No Money From Bitcoin

  1. people seem to forget this nigga made more money than them at the age of 10. his whole life he been working with money, only now he works with more. wether it's for the greater good, or some evil shit, this nigga always…always plan some shit. but for some reason whenever he gets knock down people feel at ease untill he rise once again wich he always..always do. then they try to knock him down again, damaging his name, and future. i've heard a lot of shit being said about 50, in the start i would have agreed, but now it just starts to feel like empty rumors with no back bone. i don't admire 50 cent, i admire curtis jackson. someone not even millions of people at once can fully break down. i really don't care if this nigga evil or not, i just enjoy the hate, cause people are getting so mad he ian't completly fell off. untill he does, i'll be enjoying the battle. so haters, u made him rich, let's see if you can make him back to selling crack.

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