50 Cent Says He’s Not on Speaking Terms with Lloyd Banks

50 Cent teased on Instagram that he’s been working on a new track titled “Crazy.” In it, he confesses that he’s not on speaking terms with former G-Unit member Lloyd Banks.

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20 thoughts on “50 Cent Says He’s Not on Speaking Terms with Lloyd Banks

  1. I bet 50 won't release Lloyd Banks from the G-unit deal because he knows Banks would be successful. Banks probably hates 50 for that. Just my thoughts

  2. There is two options. 1: 50cent is an asshole and a little kid because he is the only one having a beef every year. OR 2: He is smart for setupping his made up "beefs" to get more attention.

  3. Ibe wanting to know wat some of these rap cats be having going in tbeir realife sometimes but if idont see a video of them sayin it udont believe it iknow idont. Wat about you roach

  4. 50 is a great businessman and artist, but when it comes to relationships he’s a mess. He has to be the problem. No way your falling out with that many people and you aren’t the issue.

  5. 50 Has to be one of the most childish rappers of all time. Dude fell off big time once his true colors started showing. Yeah he still can make some good music but his whole persona is fake. Dude is like 40 but still acts like 18.

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