50 Disses Ross In Hospital, Does King of NYC Matter?, New Khaled/Jay Z a Hit? | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, Wayno, DJ Akademiks, Star, and Nadeska run through the day of rap news, including 50 Cent dissing Rick Ross while he’s in the hospital, a healthy debate about whether or not the “King of NYC” title matters, thoughts on the new DJ Khaled single, and much more.

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20 thoughts on “50 Disses Ross In Hospital, Does King of NYC Matter?, New Khaled/Jay Z a Hit? | Everyday Struggle

  1. I forgot how hilarious Star is and how trash DJ who don't play music School Curriculum is. He should do the show in a big red wig and floppy shoes. Homegirl is fine too.

  2. its an argument over words. Billy is hot just like Onyx slam was hot. But the internet has social media meshing into the music. No one talks about how hot or cold a song is. Notice how no one talks about the "music" or even dancing. isn't music about dancing to it? feeling to it. This is hella background talk. and im here adding to the verbal confusion. MUSIC IS AN ESCAPE. Not a discussion.

  3. Akademiks has a point there's always. King, always gonna have someone untop Wayno is talk about king of hip hop rap….ak is talking New York.

    For eg. Charlotte Hornets never won a championship in modern NBA does that disqualify Charlotte from having a in house Charlotte MVP for the season? No.

    It just so happened the Jayz and Nas and 50 was doing things that imoactws the culture.

    Also wayno is comparing nas, Jayz, and 50 to cardi, 69, and a boogie?

    C'mon fam.

    Jayz claimed it cuz he was moving the most numbers
    50 claimed cuz he was moving the most numbers
    NaS "claimed" it because he killed jayz who was the current king at the time.

    Moral of the story is person that's popping the most is the King.

    JCole is the King even though he from SC he base in NY.

  4. I haven't watched this in a while who is wayno and is it good or bad they need to more host to fill Joe's shoes? Also if they have money to pay them why can't they pay Joe?

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