6 More Sandy Hook Families Sue Alex Jones for Defamation

Right-wing talking head and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is being sued by more family members of Sandy Hook victims after Jones claimed the shooting was a government hoax, according to ABC. The six families, and an FBI agent who responded to the shooting, brought their case to court on Wednesday in Connecticut. Family members of two of the 26 victims filed a similar suit against Jones last month in Travis County, Texas, where Jones lives and runs his show Infowars.

On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza killed 20 first-graders and six educators at the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school. He later killed himself. The new lawsuit claims Jones and his media outlet have continued to published conspiracies with “abusive and outrageous false statements.”

“While the nation recoiled at the terrible reality of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Alex Jones saw an opportunity,” the families’ attorney Josh Koskoff said. “He went on a sustained attack that has lasted for years, accusing shattered family members of being actors, stating as fact that the shooting itself was a hoax and inciting others to act on these malicious lies.”

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36 thoughts on “6 More Sandy Hook Families Sue Alex Jones for Defamation

  1. Really? Lmao 😂. Alex Jones best friend is Charlie Sheen … he cried about the evil of Hollywood.. but his best friend is Charlie Sheen?? Are y’all brain damaged.. honestly.. wtf. He’s a part of it.. always has been.. wow. People are ridicules.

  2. God bless these families. They are heroes and true American Patriots. Thank you for your courage and bravery. We The People of the Untied States of America support you 100% and grieve your loss with you forever.

  3. What Alex Jone’s says shouldn’t have ANY effect on the families. He is a reporter + you, as parents, know in your hearts he’s got it wrong. Leave him be + ignore him.
    But I find that whenever there is an opportunity to make money somehow- people will destroy another financially- as if money will lessen their pain? Give me a break!
    Think of the man who had nothing to do with your child’s death but will be passing over a large amount of the business he worked hard to build for 25+ years.

  4. You people are fucked up. There were children murdered at Sandy Hook and you're part of the reason why Jones is off of Youtube. You fuckers went around accusing parents who just lost their children that they were actors and liars. Ignorant asshole flat earth motherfuckers.

  5. Freedom of speech doesn't give you the right to yell fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire and when you tell lies about people you're likely to get sued. More power to the victims of Sandy Hook. Conspiracy nuts can go screw themselves better yet check themselves into a good psych ward.

  6. So did the families run through the millions in donations already. When Obama was leaving office they popped up again to say they needed more money. I couldn't believe it.

  7. This is retarded. Sandy Hoax was 100% fake. How does a liar sue a truth teller exposing them as a liar? That is backwards & psychopathic. The greedy liars whose kids are still alive should be returning the money they have swindled from innocent vitcims by pulling heartstrings with this fake shooting story where no one died?

  8. I watched all morning via the news choppers from the time the news guy said 'we appear to be arriving just as the police are getting here', until lunch. no child ever was spotted by me or the news guys anywhere near the school. cop cams confirmed no evacuation as well. where are those news recordings? I wasn't paying that much attention at the time as I was trying to get my eoy inspection reports finished before going on vacation. a few days later I checked back in and found out the slippery little guys/gals has mysteriously evacuated at about 10:04 am (est) 1/4 mile down the only road in out while the news chopper constantly circled overhead. the chopper news guys also questioned the dead/dying being left on a cold mid dec. concrete floor for an hour or more before the blocked road was cleared and an ambulance or 2 got to approach the school. then they weren't even allowed into the school. they just arranged some pretty colored tarps out in the out of date parking lot (no blue h/c signage or striping, as req'd by law). police declared (illegally) everybody dead w/in the 1st few min's. twenty 6 yo children shot and dying on the ground for an hour and no med people allowed anywhere near the school, and the only people getting sued are people like alex jones for questioning what really happened. when I started investigating this myself I quickly realized something was wrong w/ this 'school shooting'. probably get deleted again for speaking truth to evil.

  9. Explain again how did this justify a lawsuit??
    OK, Losing your child is sad, but how is not believing the action took place deserve a lawsuite??
    Maybe should file a lawsuit against people who believe in Bigfoot, Illuminati, UFO coverups, etc etc.

    My Complex news – A QUESTION: Now have you-YES YOU really analyzed the evidence of this events and found it to all be credible?
    (Spoon fed pre-canned CNN garbage doesn't count., Do some real research!
    No one does that, Whatever the AP tells us, we all buy into it. No
    questions asked.
    Look at the smiling and laughter father in the
    interview, turning on the tears just second before going on Camera
    talking about his tragedy. Do I need to bullet paint all the things that
    raise red flags without any spin from Alex Jones?

  10. He incited others? Did he call for the, to be harassed in public restaurants or did he make a call to be violent towards his opposers like the one senator? How Did he incite? By his questioning the narrative?

    How in the world can one say he was slandering children and their families when he doesn’t even believe in their existence? So what if we don’t believe you. Is Our belief Really so necessary that you would trample on our first amendment?

  11. Alex ought to be court ordered to kiss the headstones of these slandered victims and ask their forgiveness and/or decorate their graves for the rest of his days on earth. SHAME on the FOOLS who believe this crock rumour!

  12. Aren't people who scream FIRE! in a theater when there is no fire prosecuted ?They most certainly can be sued and should be for slander and or libel (if put in print or published on the internet). Alex pulled a War of the Worlds fake stunt? Or was it just cyberbullying? What a depraved and low-browd character so desperate for an audience they are willing to harass grieving families. His BIG MOUTH is putting innocent victims once again in harm's way. Well Alex has certainly earned his "deplorable medal" with this spineless stunt

  13. What isn't fake? Trump's luxuriously coiffed pate? Trump's Putin's punk. You want a juicy rumor? JUST WHAT DID TRUMP and PUTIN "DISCUSS" ALONE IN THEIR LAST HOTEL-MOTEL RENDEZVOUS OR WERE ANY WORDS EXCHANGED AT ALL?:) Couldn't they have arranged this through Craigslist personals or a similar such site and saved the taxpayers the expense?How much you wanna bet Putin played the "man"?

  14. Sandy hook has lots of evidence of suspicious activity. Please look up Wolfgang Halbig. He was a state trooper and has decades of school safety experience. He has been asking questions and has been intimidated by sandy hook community for investigating and asking questions. ASK YOURSELVES IF YOU EVER HEARD THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA COVER WOLFGANG HALBIG ABOUT SANDY HOOK EVIDENCE AND QUESTIONS HE HAS RAISED? MORE THAN LIKELY, STORIES THEY WANT BURIED ARE NEVER COVERED, or they run a smear campaign to make them sound like they are uncredible so you wont bother looking into it more. A wiseman/judge should look at all evidence unbiased before making judgements or it shows follishness and potential for symptoms of a cover up of potential evidence and truth. Shame on all who for being so quick to judge without a full evidence evaluation. A true judge should look at all evidence before making a decision. Noone knows who did it, if at all, but Only an unenlightened fool would dismiss crucial evidence. A wise man judging would look at all things first. There is alarming evidence on multiple fronts on sept 11th attacks as well. There are countless firefighters who have been interviewed and reported on bombs going off in the basement before planes hit and throughput the buildings. Along with huge chunks of towers being ejected across the street and stuck into the sides of other buildings. Building 7 has evidence of an implosion according to professional architectural engineers around the world. Also evidence of thermite being used, and was quickly and carelessly ignored even on interviews in mainstream network. If mainstream ignores thermite evidence and other crucial unbiased evidence, Then one should potentially conclude complicity, Because not even a judge would exclude such crucial evidence. The government released a video of the supposed plane that hit the pentagon of a mere fraction of a second clip. Say What the? 30 frames of pictures make up one second of video, and they release a mere fraction of a whole second? What the? Also it clearly doesnt resemble a huge plane. They also confiscated nearby store videos and have never released any other videos to my knowledge. The buildings fell at near free fall speed. There was molten metal at trade center site ruble. Which some have said evidently doesn't come from burning jet fuel/office supply temperature burns. If you seek the truth you may find something, you also nay not. But be vigilant, not unenlightened sheep biting hook line and sinker on BIASED EVIDENCE the the media wants you to SEE or they would SHOW all EVIDENCE in an UNBIASED MANNER. ONLY FOOLS DO THAT. WISE JUDGE ALL THINGS BASED ON UNBIASED EVIDENCE. IF THE MEDIA US NOT SHOWING ALL THE EVIDENCE UNBIASLEY, THEN THEY ARE COMPLICIT. AND FAKE NEWS. OUR GOVERNMENT HAS PLOTTED MANY TRUE CONSPIRACIES IN THE PAST. ONE OF WHICH WAS OPERATION NORTHWOODS. LOOK IT UP AND GET ENLIGHTENED BEFORE YOU ARE FULLY CONVERTED TO UNENLIGHTENED SHEEP.

  15. Yupand then when it comes to it they will drop the suit. Same ole same ole. Wolfgang is right. And I know nothingof anyother shooting but I truly believe Sandy Hook was a made up event.

  16. Fuck sueing him do what he does to you , threaten him scare him seek him out and destroy that fat piece of shit!!!! Jones is a fuckn mental case just like his followers they all suffer from paranoid delusional thoughts , Obsessive compulsive disorders , they are a therapists bread & butter but unfortunately they're so mentally disturbed they believe the therapist is part of the conspiracy too lmfao … And the Trump regime arms these morons literally ! The IQ levels in america must be seeing record lows .. these minds are so easily compromised by youtube personalities . They don't trust the media but they'll trust anyone on youtube who spits out whatever they wanna hear despite the fact they too are paid to brainwash America lmfao … Jone jones makes a fortune , as well as many others …

  17. This is gonna backfire on these jokers so bad if this goes to trial .Their will be disclosure and they don't want to go there. Just like they tried to sue Remington. When full disclosure time came it was dropped. You know why? It was a hoax.


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