6ix9ine Accused of Having Sexual Relationship with Underage Girl

6ix9ine is facing another round of sexual misconduct allegations involving an underage girl. On Thursday, online publication Babe published a story in which an 18-year-old woman named Martha Gold claims to have had a sexual relationship with 6ix9ine when she was 17.

“He keeps lying to Instagram and lying to all his fans and stuff,” Gold told Babe. “I’m not tryna put him in jail or anything, but he has to learn to stay in his lane.”

The woman says she met the 21-year-old rapper on March 27, 2017 in California, where the age of consent is 18. Gold claims she met up with 6ix9nine, real name Daniel Hernandez, after he contacted her through Instagram. Prior to the first face-to-face encounter, Gold says she asked the rapper how old he was. 6ix9ine allegedly told her “20,” before asking her the same question.

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28 thoughts on “6ix9ine Accused of Having Sexual Relationship with Underage Girl

  1. The law is stupid. I honestly feel bad for people who are registered as a sex offender at 18 for having sex with someone legitly a couple years younger. It's really stupid honestly.

  2. The 17 year old is whatever but 13? Thats chomo shit bluhd you know he pc when he locked! Fucking #1 rapper rn and nobody seems to care he a pedo, that aint thug shit playa thats shit you catch a bullet for. Thats why i aint with any of this new "hip-hop", you think Big L, Gangstarr, Tupac etc. kid fuckers? Fucking lame bro. I cant wait to see this caption on instagram "Do you think fucking little kids is 💩 or 🔥?" HAHAHA

  3. It’s like a 3 year difference… C’mon.
    Also, let’s be real here, she should have not even kept in contact with him if she knew she was underage. She a hoe, lmao.

  4. Im confused im 13 n my understanding is jjst like a fukin 18 year old go to jail for having sex n doin shit wit younger kids how come thats not the same for lil kids bc the dumb bitch obviously thought that shit was cute n sweet now if he don't get his ged he goin to jail for one to three years you dumb bitch n he got a baby girl everybody make mistakes but on some real shit this mistake been made to many times n donald trump or nobody else ain't goin do non so i feel like the ages 12 n up should get the same punishment no matter who wrong or right period

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