6ix9ine Claims He’s Featured on Kanye West’s Upcoming Album

Self-proclaimed troll 6ix9ine says he will make an appearance on Kanye West’s upcoming solo project. He also claims to have never taken a single L in his life—so of course, his credibility is questionable.

After arriving at LAX on Sunday, 6ix9ine caught up with TMZ to talk about his so-called successes, his large entourage, and his habit of “beatin’ the shit outta people.”

“I win at every battle I get into, you know what I’m saying?” he told the cameraman. “How many Ls have I took? I haven’t took not one L yet.”

Though that’s definitely debatable, we won’t get into all that right now. What’s most important is what 6ix9ine revealed at the end of the brief video. As he was making his way up the escalator, the paparazzo brought up ‘Ye’s forthcoming album; however, he before the man could ask his question, 6ix9ine interrupted with: “I’m on it! I’m on the album.”

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43 thoughts on “6ix9ine Claims He’s Featured on Kanye West’s Upcoming Album

  1. I click on Natasha videos to watch her beautiful ass stare into my eyes. I watch Frazier videos to laugh my ass off at the people fryin him in the comments

  2. biggest troll & douche ever. & if Ye releases a fucking WACK ASS ALBUM, im DONE. after the slavery shit he said, i've BEEN done, & i am NOT black, but Kanye is one of my idols. If he has a song with this fool ESPECIALLY on an album, im officially off Kanye. Period. & thats so fucking sad.

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