6ix9ine Granted Bail and Was Reportedly Held in Rikers’ Special Unity for Safety

After two days behind bars, Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine was reportedly moved to the Rikers Island disease unit. And no, it’s not because he fell ill; it’s because his fame put him at risk.

According to TMZ, the 22-year-old artist—legal name Daniel Hernandez—was transferred to a 140-cell unit that is primarily occupied by inmates battling diseases. The area is also used to house high-profile figures or celebrities whose safety might be in jeopardy. The outlet reports 6ix9ine was in total isolation from other inmates, and only had contact with Rikers officers. It’s unclear if he has received any threats during his holding.

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48 thoughts on “6ix9ine Granted Bail and Was Reportedly Held in Rikers’ Special Unity for Safety

  1. LMAO…..These comments are hilarious! Having a name like 69 really isn’t a good thing to have in prison that’s for sure. After all that tough guy act and gang gang stuff you’re now in protective custody……damn that’s an embarrassing way to get exposed. Karma definitely has a sense of humor.

  2. Denied bail days later bail? Fluk outta here. Khalid Browder was in there for 3 years with no conviction. He's an agent and so are media outlets that don't acknowledge that.

  3. I don't want to be in jail, do you? Lawyers did all the begging and he financed it. I couldn't imagine being away from a woman's box and my xbox all the while being in a box. Free rainbow people. Shoooooo!

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