18 thoughts on “713 Motoring Panamera on Forgiato’s with Stut

  1. I think I can speak for 713 with this, tho I am not affiliated with them. I owned a car customizing shop back in year 2000. When we started, there was major demand for wheels but only a few places in Dallas to but them. Then it was 17' wheels and the 18' had just come out. When we started putting the 18 inch wheels on Acura's and Benz's, you know what predominant white culture said?? It's ugly, no class, why would you have wheels that big. As a matter of fact if you traded in your car some dealers would charge you if you didn't have the factories. Today, cars come with 20's some 22's. Today all of white America couldn't imagine a 911 without some 20's atleast. FYI, because these a re premier sizes and wheels, tire manufactures when making the tires only make them in the highest quality designs! There all Z rated. So next time you criticize understand that you're probably riding on some bullshit.

  2. @MrPent9295 So…… Get your education with your 32 y/o ass.. should of been had it!!! There are many smart black men who didnt go to college that are living wonderful lives that dont rap….. You are a self hating ingnoramus

  3. @MrPent9295 I'm not a rapper! lol !!!! I'm a JR Network Analyst. Degree from Ohio State University!!!! Soon to start working on my masters degree, anyway… You are a UNCLE TOM.. How can you say you hate being a black man? So your saying you hate yourself.. An education doesnt guarantee success. Getting a education doesnt make you smart.. I was smart before I had my degree. We are all human beings,we are all equal.. If you would have read all the comments you would of understood my point.

  4. @ingleside95 I think you got it wrong… An educated person is way better than some rapper dude. A rapper made his money from rapping about murder, drugs, women and killing… A man with an education, made his money by being smart, and investing in smarts thing like a Google, or Facebook IPO… This is why I hate being born a Black man… However, as a Black man, I am working on getting a education so that I can be a smart Black man. Not so rapping fool like you are….

  5. rubbish wheels, dont like this 'pretty' tuning wheels. Size doesnt mean that you are better, people should look at the design and how car looks with rims. Dont understand people who like this kind of shit

  6. Yes, when all else fails because someone points out your obvious lack of taste, play the race card. If you could only see me you would know how wrong you were. This has nothing to do with race, this has to do with people who's brains are so tiny that small things completely captivated them like the size of the rims on their car or the area code of their phone number. When people choose to dumb themselves down, how can you have any respect for them?

  7. @raceboy1971 To say all people of color got lucky or have athletic prowess or selling music to people shows that your a closed minded person.. With all of your education you still haven't learned that we are all created equal. Once again you are NOT in a elite club of affluent people.. You are a working man like the rest of us..A very ignorant and racist man at that. Its not your car or your money.

  8. @raceboy1971 seems like you have something against minorities. Are you a racist? What about white people who customize cars? Boyd Coddington, Chip Foose, Carol Shelby and many more! What about AMG, Brabus, Lorinser, Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley.. They all put big rims and loud paint on cars.. Its a must that you be different in car culture.. Thats why I said people have different taste.. I think you have a problem with minorities who live just as if not better than you do.

  9. Thank you 713motoring for explaining the reason for handicap spot. Before I read your reason, I was thinking that the owner of this beauty must have sold a kidney, an arm or leg, I don't know, some important limb/part of his body in order to afford this, so that was why he became handicap 😀 But now everything is clear, thanks 😉

  10. @ingleside95 They don't have different tastes. They have no taste. It's obvious to anyone with an education who has made their money through intelligence and hard work instead of luck, athletic prowess, or selling "music" to other people with a similar lack of taste. To take a beautifully engineered car and destroy it because you have to prove you have the "ghangsterist rims in da hood," is just laughable.

  11. @raceboy1971 Why not enjoy your life and do what you want.. Instead of acting like your fucking rich, Rich people who really have money are laughing at all of us. So…. Raceboy enjoy your life acting like your in some sort of elite club that only exist for the upper,upper class of society.. You my friend put your pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us, by the way most people make their money the hard way!!!!!

  12. That car has good reason to be in the handicapped spot because you would have to be mentally retarded to put such horrific looking wheels on such a nice car. You can always tell when wealthy people aren't very educated. They buy garbage like this. At least that lets the rest of us know they really don't belong to the club.

  13. I see the handicap spot is a big issue to everyone. The spot is directly in front of our store. We must use it when parking vehicles inside our store. These videos are recorded before the vehicles are placed inside the store.

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