9 BTS Creatives You Need To Pay Attention To

Celebrities and artists would not be the prominent figures they are today if it wasn’t for the creative people behind them that manage their wardrobe, design their album covers, produce their tracks, and capture all of their photos and videos. So to shine a spotlight of those behind the scenes who contribute so much, we’ve created a list of top creatives you need to pay attention to.

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49 thoughts on “9 BTS Creatives You Need To Pay Attention To

  1. Joe moved on to Revolt…yet ya'll still whining LOL. Just proves it's not about Joe ya'll must be Bernie Sander supporters, just need to protest bwhahahahaha.

    This was a great story. Thanks for telling us about these people.

  2. Stand for something or fall for anything………Complex fires Joe we fuck complex unsubscribe or just show up to dislike…Make sure you pause the video before 30 seconds pass so they get no views…….
    I thought I told you that we don’t stop bad boy for life

  3. this is actually a really good review that probably won't get the credit it deserves. also, show some love to Darren Miller Films! he's the DP behind "Bad and Boujee", "Congratulations" , "T-Shirt", "I Think Of You" "Pills& Automobiles" and he also shoots for Top Gear!

  4. It only makes sense that a vulture is behind Lyrical Lemonade. Those videos are the most negative images of Black and Brown children on the entire internet. 😈 🧒🏿 🧒🏽 🧒🏾 💻 👀

  5. And Last but not least, Joe Budden! The Creative versatile veteran " Pump it Up " Rapper who Created CompLess Newzzzz Greatest and Highest rated Show… But got Robbed for it in the end b/c He wouldnt let CompLess PIMP HIM OUTTA HIS FAIR CUT OF THE BAG!!! #PAYDATMAN

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