92-Year-Old Arizona Woman Kills Son Who Wanted to Put Her in Nursing Home

On Monday, 92-year-old Arizona woman Anna Mae Blessing shot and killed her 72-year-old son because he wanted to send her to an assisted living facility, AZ Central reports. She told police that her son wanted to send her away because she “had become difficult to live with.” As police escorted her out of the apartment she lived in with her son and his girlfriend, she reportedly said, “You took my life, so I’m taking yours.”

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30 thoughts on “92-Year-Old Arizona Woman Kills Son Who Wanted to Put Her in Nursing Home

  1. It's sad, if there better resources, more affordable options, people wouldn't be forced to choose between there own life, and someone else's. Live in care that's 24/7 is so costly, others only stay for a few hours. Some insurances only cover certain options. There are no easy, simple answers when dealing with taking care of your mom at home.

  2. Gave a thunbs down for this ratty news channel, 1st the reporter has a faint smile on her face, lol, and 2. from the comments I can tell it's a ghetto kind of vibe if u know what I mean, yuk.

  3. U can't trust nobody these days, even Momma Love will smoke ya ass smh. She'd rather go to prison than a nursing home. I say the son was right about her being difficult to live with.

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