9th Wonder Reminds Everyone JAY Z Wrote 7 Songs From ‘The Blueprint’ In A Weekend

Produced: Pro (Jaysn Prolifiq)

Voiceover: Alexandra Wurst

Video Edit: CT (Clifton Tate)

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29 thoughts on “9th Wonder Reminds Everyone JAY Z Wrote 7 Songs From ‘The Blueprint’ In A Weekend

  1. I like 9th, but somebody tell guy to stick to making beatz, and stop acting like he knows rapping, no wonder Rhapsody is forever talking about Jay, casue you gassing her Mr "wonder", GTFOH!!! "You know you like my style"!

  2. You can say whatever you want nas 1st album is better than any of jays albums the only album I will put it up against is the 1st blueprint.. Now don't get me wrong Jay Z is great at making music and hes great at being a business man but nas is a great MC Jay Z is a good rapper..FACTS!

  3. okay, but Viper the Rapper made 347 albums in a year. IN A YEAR FAM.


    Jay did 7 songs in a weekend. okay cool. but can he do 7 songs a day for 365 DAYS??

  4. Who cares 9th wonder JAY-Z freestyles most of his songs & Nas is a lyrical genius with the pen🖊 …. Two different styles. I think both of them is the top two to EVER rap. I just always gave the slight edge to Nas.

  5. I dont know why hip hop artist today think that writing a song in 2 mins is a good thing smdh… Only sense people said that about 2pac NOW thats a thing… Who fucken cares how fast u wrote a song..

  6. 9th Wonder doing major slurping. Reasonable Doubt was not all off the top of his head. Sauce Money said they would ride around Brooklyn and spit lyrics to each other before hitting the booth. How did Nas even come up in this is weird

  7. 'while seemingly dissing Nas' PLEASE STOP, 9th did no such thing, how he go on saying all this praise for Nas and somehow yall sneak in that dumbass intro…….smdh its exactly what 9th is saying, YALL are the problem lol basically 9th said, Nas is arguably top 5 but Jay may arguably be the greatest ever, there is nothing wrong with that statement nor is there any diss to it for Nas

  8. Every artist in the world right now is like "And?"

    This is just how writers blocks work ladies and gents. You'll get nothing for weeks and then 7 songs in a weekend.

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