A Breakdown of the NBA/China Controversy and LeBron James’ Depthless Response

King James weighs in on what has been a week of cultural and geopolitical strife.

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43 thoughts on “A Breakdown of the NBA/China Controversy and LeBron James’ Depthless Response

  1. No it’s not a “complicated situation” at best. LeBron is only for free speech whenever it’s lining his pockets with the CCP’s money. He wants to speak his mind about politics it seems he’s poorly educated on, but whenever Daryl stood up for Hong Kong he’s the one who’s uneducated? He’s a puppet for the communist party. Pretty simple

  2. Lebron isn’t a fucking spokesman for every country. He shouldn’t have to do that. The acting president at the time should deal with international relations, not athletes

  3. You repeat the word "complicated" over and over, but nothing complicated is there. Situation is that wether the players and owners protest against opression or take their money and sit down. In front of hundred millions of eyes, they either shouldn't have said anything in the first place or kept their stance consistent and strong.

  4. The greed of these insanely rich basketball players exposes their hypocrisy. They get involved with every human rights political discussion, until it might actually mean loosing something their selves. Now stfu and play the game.

  5. does anyone understand that Hong Kong is a British colony acquired after the opium wars? that the protests are being staged by the CIA and MI6? that the leaders of the protest the local leaders are assets of the US governmentI forget the guys name right now I don't feel like looking it up but I will receive an award anti-china activities that the protest was about extradition in the Chinese took that off the table Sono just a & bunch of brainwashed kids.

  6. Our priorities have superseded all the levels of retardation, sport stars are now influencing political opinion while the president greatefully for once is silent … okay 2019 at this point you just need to be over

  7. chinese fans of nba in mainland or in china town around asia is calling lebron james, shouwan a sell out or betrayer.
    from the looks of it NBA sells out to china communist party not the chinese mainland people.

  8. Am I the only one that thinks Lebron James Did the right thing criticizing Houston's GM?

    1) Darryl Morley could of waited a week later for tweet. NBA players that DID NOT CHOSE to protest with Hong Kong were endangers because he Darryl wanted to send a message?

    2) The Bill that Hong Kong is protesting is against HONG KONG legislators!!!!! not China. In that Sense supporting Hong Kong technically makes no sense as you can't support Hong Kong against 'itself'.

    3) Since when was interfering in other countries politics an accepted and an expected thing of Americans? When Russia was interfering with America's elections weren't people FREAKING out? When Quebec tried to leave Canada and California tried to Leave USA would it be okay for China to post in there media "Stand with California" ?

    4) Freedom of Speech has always had consequences. If you don' t believe me.. post on all your social media accounts how dumb you think your company and boss is and lets see how respected your freedom of speech really is.

    I could literally go off about the countless people who are now "Geopolitical experts' and list countless reasons why what Lebron said was right but I think the main thing I want people to realize is WE DON"T KNOW SH*** . and if we can't give the guy who pledged millions of dollars to at risk youth in schools the benefit of the doubt then we are all really doomed as a nation

  9. this is why i don't listen to athletes, actors, and ellen. complete hypocrites, constantly trashing our country, but will vouch for and take the money of the country KNOWN to want to bring us down. you citizens of the united states are delusional if you think you have anything in common with these millionaires who give a rats ass about us except for when we buy their shit.

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