A Day in the Life With J.I. the Prince of New York

J.I. the Prince of New York linked up with Speedy for a day in the life, where they spoke about women getting his name tattooed, how his lifestyle has changed, and how he approaches studio sessions.

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25 thoughts on “A Day in the Life With J.I. the Prince of New York

  1. He is on the right track and his mentality is perfect to succeed .. i love his music and videos … From a og to a youngen Godbless you kiddo keep putting the city on the map papito ….

  2. He said people dislike him for no reason. How could anyone on Earth dislike him? He's absolutely adorable. I feel like if anyone dislikes him, it must be from jealousy. one thing I greatly admire about him is that he is very confident but he does not cross over into the territory of being cocky or overly arrogant without anything to back it up. He's actually quite humble if you listen to what he says in the context he says it in.

    I thought he was so adorable in the rap game, which is where I initially heard about him. He was my favorite from all the seasons I thought he was the most lyrically gifted and quick-witted and talented. but I had no idea how amazing he was until I heard some of his later music and saw some of his interviews. What an incredible kid! Quite the ladies man though I'd have to hide my daughter, fa sho!

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