A History of Drake’s Obsession With Aaliyah

From tattoos to interpolations, Drizzy’s infatuation with the late Aaliyah runs deeper than you think.

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43 thoughts on “A History of Drake’s Obsession With Aaliyah

  1. I think she would have liked Kendrick more than Drake…its crazy that back in her era all the rappers were so fake with this fake ass hard thug persona nowadays rappers are just themselves its still frauds out here but rappers are way more relatable nowadays

  2. If this video didn't have "Aaliyah" in the title I would downvote it. You talk so rushed that I can hardly understand some of the words that come out of your mouth – you're bad at this, get another job.

  3. Yall make him look like its a bad thing that he does things like that. Isnt that what yall wanted to do? Keeping her legacy alive? So why do yall have such a negative mindset when it comes to Drake and Aaliyah?

  4. Kim Kardashian even dressed as Aaliyah for Halloween and she even got Aaliyahs Mac line and you people wanna get upset, like let these people be fans just like the rest of us just because they're celebrities doesn't mean they can't be fans also they're humans like all of us

  5. Ssooo what you're telling me is Aaliyah didn't know Drake. I knew this dude is just thirsty in general but this is creepy. While she was alive Aaliyah made her choice clear his name is Damon–not Aubrey. Let that woman rest.

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