A Look Back At When ASAP Ferg Took Traplord From Harlem to Liberia

Beija Velez sat down with A$AP Ferg to discuss his trip to Liberia to clothe children in need, Traplord, and how his versatility as an artist is impacting his life and those around him.

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38 thoughts on “A Look Back At When ASAP Ferg Took Traplord From Harlem to Liberia

  1. Whoever disliked this video has a dark heart. You don't like a light shined on Liberia or do you hate Ferg so much you would dislike an effort to get kids school uniforms? Seek help and prayer. Salute to Liberia!(If you're from another African nation & you disliked this you're pitiful and weak, we should be happy to see our people all over the continent getting love. Not just 1 country)

  2. Why you guys talking about budden it’s business guys complex doesn’t pay their host they lose them the people don’t follow complex they follow the host so why don’t all the people disliking go hit up what budden is doing if y’all love him so much budden is doing what he needs to do he getting his money elsewhere and disliking doesn’t do shit if you want to effect what is going on at complex just stop watching that will effect them more than dislikes why you hating this video Ferg doing some good in this video you guys bringing budden in the convo cause complex didn’t see him as a necessity so stop there’s no need to dislike just go like what buddens doing that will help him more

  3. Ferg what you are doing is honorable , I respect and support you but I can’t say the same for complex. The dislike squad is dope. It shows how powerful the people are against soulless corporations. They thought losing joe would be a breeze but you see what’s going on. They probably just started getting bots for this video

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