A Michael Jackson Musical Is Expected to Hit Broadway by 2020

The King of Pop’s legacy is moonwalking to Broadway.

On Tuesday, the Michael Jackson Estate and Columbia Live Stage announced they are working on a new musical based on the icon’s life, according to Variety. The untitled project is expected to hit Broadway sometime in 2020, but it’s currently unclear which theater it will run in.

The score will draw from Jackson’s huge catalog and have a book by the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage, with choreography and direction handled by contemporary ballet superstar Christopher Wheeldon of the Royal Ballet.

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22 thoughts on “A Michael Jackson Musical Is Expected to Hit Broadway by 2020

  1. He saved too many lives, but we didn't save him.. it's so sad to see people say that he's a pedo and stuff… even after he died them haters still go on about fake tabloids geez (sorry if you didn't understand, i'm not english)

  2. its actually hilarious how these children r still spreading hate comments and yet they have the audacity to put things like "hes dead focus on other people" while yall still say hes a pedo when hes not lmAo. its just like they say the man who would never harm a child will be accused of molestation and the man who kills is said to be innocent. I'd like to challenge the people that say these things, become popular by singing (if you even can sing), try your very best to give sick children the best day of their lives by riding rides and doing whatever they want, and see what happens. let the man rest in peace for god sake. oh and this isn't good bye, ill be seeing you on the news if u accept my challenge 😉

  3. It's not controversial when you take the time and study the facts. It's simply the ugliest witch-hunt against an innocent man in modern times. Child sex abuse , my ass. Bullshit. MJ was abused by crooks and liars, racist police malacious prosecutors and an out of control disgusting sensationalist media.

  4. people are all for saying it’s a good thing X died because he beat up is girlfriend who was allegedly pregnant yet yall love MJ and were sad he died bc he did nothing wrong (besides touching those kids but you know)

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