A Parenting Class Taught Texas Parents About the Condom Challenge

Teens have been snorting condoms online for years, but only recently have parents caught onto the viral internet trend. The Snorting Condom Challenge involves inhaling a condom through your nose and pulling it through your throat.

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43 thoughts on “A Parenting Class Taught Texas Parents About the Condom Challenge

  1. I'm actually glad to hear that they have decided to educate those parents on this "trend", because nobody informed parents of The Tide Pod Challenge until it was WAY too late. We need to try and be more vigilant for the youth of today because there are a LOT of sarcastic videos online that are fake, but have the potential to hurt ignorant, or unaware people. For example, there was a FAKE video released of a man and his friends drinking water out of a VERY CLEAN empty Clorox Bleach container, but someone could have thought it was real and tried it themselves.

  2. Filling condoms with water and hitting others with them like water balloons was around since I was a kid, ten or so years ago, it was invented from the stupid ice bucket challenge. Geez there will always be idiots no matter the generation! We have to pray for our future kids not to take on such dangerous trends, and possibly teach them common sense now to boot!

  3. nobody non famous has ever done a challenge and gone onto become famous.. know why?! cuz society realizes you ain't worth shit soon as you upload a cornball video to the internet and they realize you don't deserve shit in life so you never become famous.. the end

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