A Timeline of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s Love Affair | Complex News

Way back in 2013, when they played star-crossed lovers in Rocky’s “Fashion Killa” video then went on tour together, rumors began to swirl that they were more than just collaborators. Eight years later, it has finally become official. Like official, official — not from rumors or speculation, but sightings, a GQ interview, and a shared kiss right in the middle of a date in New York City. Their romance, which has blossomed from an innocent puppy love early in their careers to a full-blown, public relationship, has a timeline that can be hard to follow due to so much speculation. Here’s a breakdown of how we got here.

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34 thoughts on “A Timeline of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s Love Affair | Complex News

  1. Rocky ughhhh😳😳😲😭😭,,Rocky said Rihanna act like boy,,, Disrespectful,,,Hes worth 10million,,, poor. Rihanna worth 600million,,She need to dump him,,he can't rape,,,Drake loves Rihanna,,Rocky playing games with her,,ugh,,she need to get her a real man,,not a boy

  2. In 5 to 10 years I don’t want to see her doing an interviewing crying her eyes out saying oh I made a mistake I should’ve been with Drake like she did that with Chris Brown crying her fucking eyes out so she better wake up and Choose wisely her and rocky are Nothing but high fuck buddies who exchange each other’s clothes they are not that serious even though they could be and she looks happy they won’t last She’s just having fun her and drake will always be a Float and it does not matter if she covered the Matching tattoos the ink is always there and I’ll always be permanent or she would’ve removed it completely don’t see them at all has a Power couple because he was not buzzing before she lost her Sense of style Hopefully it’s a phase but I wish nothing but the best for both and for all Regarding Drake he already moved on and he Spoke highly about her in that recent track with Migos yet again I know all 3 are Releasing music so this could just be antics and strategy Rihanna is having fun rocky is getting buzz by dealing with her and getting some Clout off her and drake will Release a classic album

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