Aaron Paul Plays a Drinking Game While Talking ‘El Camino’ and What’s Next with Bryan Cranston

Natasha Martinez shares a drink with Aaron Paul ahead of the release of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie premiering on Netflix. Aaron talks about his bromance with Vince Gilligan and Bryan Cranston, his most embarrassing streaming habits, and mastering the art of “dad jokes.”

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45 thoughts on “Aaron Paul Plays a Drinking Game While Talking ‘El Camino’ and What’s Next with Bryan Cranston

  1. Oh man these videos are just milking that movie and give it a bad aftertaste. Aaron Paul with kittens, Aaron Paul drinks, Aaron Paul this & that. -.-

  2. I just love him so much!! He’s so nice and kind to everyone! I saw a video a few years ago and he was leaving. Club and he gets surrounded by the paps and fans, they were literally shoving things for him to autograph, taking Selfies with him, recording videos of him saying hi to someone on FaceTime and he literally was so nice he literally signed everything that was handed to him and made those calls for fans too! I have heard from people that he is so nice in person, like one of the nicest actors in Hollywood! I would love love love to meet him and Bryan one day…even literally if all I got was 3 seconds lol!

  3. They should do a 'What if?' type cartoon for Breaking Bad, where they ask questions like "What if Gus never died?" Kind of like that Disney Plus series coming out.

  4. Still disappointed. it was like 3 or 4 good scenes and the rest was just silly.

    Not to mention Jesse was just a rat and I did not really care what happened to him,.

    It would have been better if they used them in Better Call Saul Season 6. Season 5 can get us up to speed with Breaking bad and then it could have cut to Jesse's story along with anyone willing to join the show like Walt Jr or something and Skinny and Badger.

  5. The movie was garbage!!!!! Only for sensitive bitches who wants to see jesse find some closure…a big 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎what a waste!!!!! all the hype for this shitty movie… the movie had nothing to do with breaking bad show

  6. was a bit slack and over hyped…. expecially when jesse had the chance to kill todd in the desert and he didnt……. exspecially when todd exectued jesses girlfriend andrea…. movie was nothing like the series and barley corresponded with the series at all todd was fat as fuck (throughout all of the flash backs)
    and jesse seemed out of character a bit

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