AB – “Whole Lotta Money” (Remix) feat. Rick Ross (Official Music Video – WSHH Exclusive)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “Whole Lotta Money” (Remix) by AB (ft. Rick Ross).
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Directed by Shula The Don:
Produced by Renegade:

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Author: admin

41 thoughts on “AB – “Whole Lotta Money” (Remix) feat. Rick Ross (Official Music Video – WSHH Exclusive)

  1. Respect for getting Ross on the beat…..BUT people like this giving AB recognition and respect is why he will never change and why his football career is over. Sadly such wasted talent too smh

  2. its weird how AB had everything most people would ever dream of, and he threw it all away for being stupid and childish. Wild. Also Rick ross is a fat wannabee

  3. this is what happens when you throw a bunch of money or project. Looks like they hired someone expensive to make this video. Funny thing is that doesn't make the song or video good. If you want some good laughs go watch the original video for this song

  4. its funny to me how this manchild has embarrassed himself and trashed his career in the last 2 years. What an embarrassment to his family. He is not nearly as talented at making music as he is at catching footballs

  5. Ab is good get of this my dick you guys just mad he is doing great things and he have people around him who care for him that's why he is doing music, Training his body, and YouTube he well be back in NFL for Baltimore ravens

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