Action Bronson Plays “Guess The Weed Strain” With Martellus Bennett | Mostly Football

Blindfolded Action Bronson and Martellus Bennett try to guess the weed strain on Mostly Football’s new game… “Pot Luck”.

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50 thoughts on “Action Bronson Plays “Guess The Weed Strain” With Martellus Bennett | Mostly Football

  1. Dude was right at the beginning its impossible to tell a strain with just smelling it atleast let them see that shit its not like its gonna be much easier for them after that.. There is hundreds of different strains which can look and smell the same as the other i've never even heard of these strains in the video.

  2. What a dumb fuckin experiment, for the strains they should have used common shit people might have smoked before like og kush, sour d, skunk, northern lights. not random shit that no one has smelt or smoked before

  3. Bronson knows the og indica scent 👍👍👍👍👍👍I would of love to blaze em out with some insane fuel from Dr greenthumb or some London pound cake #75 or wedding cake by jungleboys we be fucked up lol

  4. Laaammmeeee… this is like saying, “guess the smell of the candle….. and the brand of candle.” This was stupid. I agree with everybody here,
    Use CLASSIC strains, not strains that have been cross bred 16 times just to call it something new. White widow is one of my favorite strains personally

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