Agent Zero’s V-Day Advice; Kaepernick Taps Goodell’s Wife; Who’s NBA Shade King? | Out of Bounds

It’s Valentine’s Day, but not everybody is spreading love. Following an article on the rise of shade in the NBA — and how it differs from traditional trash talk — Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds crew make cases for players who should be crowned the NBA’s Shade King. Gil also remembers his sh*t-popping prime, when he walked into the league like Tupac with his chest out, and the time he wanted to fight Shaq. Next, Gregg Popovich’s recent comments on Black History Month and institutional racism get the guys debating who the most woke coach in sports is, and Gil has precise and hilarious criteria for what makes someone woke in his eyes. Moving to the NFL, the team decides whether it’s fair or foul for Colin Kaepernick to request a deposition of Commissioner Roger Goodell’s wife in his collusion lawsuit against the league. And finally, because it is V-Day, Agent Zero comes through with Valentine’s Day advice to save clueless players. It’s definitely not PC, but it is all the way real!

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38 thoughts on “Agent Zero’s V-Day Advice; Kaepernick Taps Goodell’s Wife; Who’s NBA Shade King? | Out of Bounds

  1. Actually he only has to prove that two owners collided against him , so if Jerry and Texans owner said to eachother that they shouldn’t pick up Kaepernick he wins his case , it doesn’t have to be all 32

  2. Gilbert is way too quick for this white dude….he couldn't answer a simple question…what is pops or Steve Kerr's views on Kaep kneeling ? Simple question, dude was stumbling and fumbling…..Gil is 100% right, Pop just says the right thing and its not hard when he is going against a person(trump) who many people dislke. Doesnt make him super woke FOH

  3. Congrats you found yourself a new show after everyday struggle bombed. Good thing you guys listened and took mia Khalifa off this shit. Now it’s good

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