Akademiks Calls Meek Mill A ‘Hypocrite’ For Comparing Himself To U.S. Soldiers

DJ Akademiks called out Meek Mill for “hypocritical messaging” after the Philly rapper tweeted his empathy towards soldiers sent to war by comparing their experience to people in the “trenches” back home.

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32 thoughts on “Akademiks Calls Meek Mill A ‘Hypocrite’ For Comparing Himself To U.S. Soldiers

  1. Meek not comparing it by saying it’s equal dummies.. but the fact that peace is easily obtainable and you got fools ready to crash just cuz they hungry, got poor shelter, and trynna keep up and stuck in the same old uniforms or different colors.. fish rots from the head down.. stop lookin at the streets like it’s the problem when the money systems built for some to fail.. I’m just sayin as much as we like to fuck in America this population sure controlled while China somehow got this crazy population and shit they blur the good shit on they flix I’m just sayin… there’s gotta be a healthy median..

  2. There’s nothing more cringey then when some dumb mfer like Meek tries to paint himself out to be bigger then what they are. Like honestly the rappers that really deserve the praise for being artists and dudes who actually transcend from JUST being a “rapper” aren’t going around calling themselves that. It’s like the dude who’s tellingly everybody they got a big dick. Dude NO YOU DON’T. If you have to tell people you you’re not.

  3. Y’all embarrassing for that shot at Ak at the end of the video after covering the fact he made a very valid point 🤦‍♂️

    Hilarious how so called ‘big’ media outlets like this stay taking shots at Ak out of pure jealousy that an INDIVIDUAL is completely destroying them on every level. It’s not 2010 anymore Hiphopdx, give up you’re going out sad 😂😂

  4. Definition of war is: a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state. People in the hood with gang violence go to war just as much as soilders do. They just dont have the training and the resources like the US Government

  5. Well you have people who have never served in a war or any branch of service and have PTSD because of the violence, gunshots and everyday violence that they see and hear in the hood. So to some degree Meek is right.

  6. I'm shocked this dude wants to have an opinion that's grown all of a sudden. He is either an adult all the time or sit the fuck down. Knowing all the bullshit that came out of his mouth all these years makes me look at him as more of a clown.

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