Akademiks vs. Vic Mensa, Badu’s Hitler Comments, Lil Wayne Back? | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Nadeska, and STAR run through a day’s worth of rap news topics including the question if Lil Wayne is back, Erykah Badu’s Hitler comments, Grammy predictions, and more.

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40 thoughts on “Akademiks vs. Vic Mensa, Badu’s Hitler Comments, Lil Wayne Back? | Everyday Struggle

  1. lol star don't even know what the fuck he talking about half the time. he couldn't even name what sza song he was talking about. for a second i swear he though the damn song was called sza

  2. Why tf Star picked Cardi B Bodak Yellow when he just sat there and criticized people for taking other people shit and making it theres. Cardi literally took the song, and named the song after the nigga she took the song from. Should i remind you that Bodak Yellow is not a remix. This nigga a hypocrite.

  3. What is the point of having star there if they play him as a third wheel and have handicapped him with what he can say. His energy has changed from the first episode

  4. There is no way you can argue lil Uzi has anything to compete with Sza. I mean that lil Uzi is like tht kid in high school that gets credit for just showing up. Ya’ll remember tht kid? Always screwing up, ditched half the time, and when he finally shows up on time the teacher is so amazed she gives his ass an A while the rest of us work for it. That is Uzi! His shit is so wack when he has one halfway decent song (XO Tour Life) they blow it up to be something it isn’t. I mean, no disrespect to Lil Uzi V fans but nothing that kid has to say can match the social impact of The Story of OJ for example. Music has traditionally been the poor folks way if expressing the feeling of a historical period in time. It is art, like painting a picture of how the people’s heart is….Uzi’s bullshit is the equivalent of a dick joke in comparison. Wack ass little shit.

  5. F*ck this bruh, Star is trying so hard to fit in with the new gen….he put Kodak Yellow over The Story of OJ. He done stepped over the line. Crazy….I mean hats off to Cardi but TSoOJ is not only dope but socially impactful in a totally courageous and meaningful manner. No contest. Smh….shit. And yes I am an old head but truth is truth man…..

  6. Complex is connected to First We Feast and Hot Ones, huh? Sucks to know you guys encourage sexism, but at least I know to ignore your brand and the brands connected to it from now on. I will also be contacting brands connected to FWF/Hot Ones (I don't care about this show) to let them know what you and your HR department supports.

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