Akon Announces the Launch of His Own Cryptocurrency Akoin

In addition to launching his own cryptocurrency, Akon wants to build a “100% crypto-based city with Akoin at the center of transactional life.” The proposed city will be located outside of Dakar, Senegal.

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50 thoughts on “Akon Announces the Launch of His Own Cryptocurrency Akoin

  1. Inspired!! Dealing the loss of xxxtentacion has been very difficult! This has given me hope for the future! He would love this !! Miss you 4 real.

    Salute AKON !!

  2. they should of done this long ago. I'll admit on first reading this title I couldnt help but laugh cause its so audacious but if its a currency for Africa that changes things but crypto currency when the country has nearly only 13 percent of population with internet access idk..

  3. He said "I come up with the concepts, and let the geeks figure it out". Go to the Akoin site, scroll to the bottom and see who these geeks are SMH. If this is supposed to save Africans and their economy, how come this currency is NOT ran by Africans? Don't get me wrong, Im sure these Chief Exec Caucasians are at the top of their game, and have the art and development of crypto-currency mastered. But no matter how many Africans this "helps", you obviously know where the real perpetual WEALTH is going. And in this secular world we live in, WEALTH is the savior.

  4. This is why I never respected Jay-z more than anything other than a rapper. He has way more money than Akon but isn't doing shit for anyone. He talks so much about the community in his raps but barely does anything of significance. We don't need donations or charities, we need initiatives and a solid investment into our futures.

  5. Names I was recommending for the cryptocurrency:

    Smack Dough (reference to the song Smack That),
    Freedough (reference to the album Freedom),
    Big Dough (reference to the song Big Dog),
    The Sweet eSpend (reference to the song The Sweet Escape),
    200Bank (pun on 2008, the year Akon was at his peak)

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