All Access At the NBA Finals

Game 3 and 4 of the NBA Finals went down in Cleveland, so we were on hand to take in the sights and sounds, talk to the guys, and watch the Warriors win their 3rd championship in four years.

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25 thoughts on “All Access At the NBA Finals

  1. 1:45 is whats wrong with fans these days.. He's got that jackets conveniently covering up his Cavs jersey cause he is just a fan of Lebron, not the Cavs.. Wherever LBJ goes, he goes… Smh.

  2. Alexander Ovechkin waited 14 years to bring a Championship to the Washington Capitals, even after getting knockout in the playoffs by the Penguins. Kevin Durant simply joined championship winning team, because he couldn't beat the Warriors.

  3. NBA TRASH WWE IS FOR REAL MEN LIKE WTF who actually likes watching a ball go through a hoop🤔likes THATS entertainment!!!! To you guys WWE is so underrated facts. And who is LeBron James nothing special just a black guy with a receiving bad hairline like is your Barber blind or something John Cena is r LeBron James if you watch,WWE and you should.

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